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Each year, a portion of the proceeds raised from this event are donated back to two Veteran's Organizations. This year's recipients are The Brotherhood of Heroes and the Special Operations Communicators Association. In addition, 100% of the donations we receive from this site as well as  the sale of our race track signs honoring veterans will be donated to our two organizations listed below. 



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The Brotherhood of Heroes Resource Center is committed to helping First Responders, Military both active and Veterans alike, their families, and the Cape Coral community as a whole. The Brotherhood of Heroes frequently hosts events to benefit the community, and actively partners with many community based organizations. For many, getting the help they need is a simple visit or phone call away.


Whether you are paying your respects at our Purple Heart Monument, taking in one of our breathtaking exhibits, using the Resource Center's services, or celebrating your birthday with us, The Brotherhood of Heroes Resource Center & Museum will show you not only how the world has impacted Cape Coral, but how Cape Coral has impacted the world. For more information, visit


"For the Chosen Few that have Sacrificed"The purpose of the Association is to provide a permanent organization to preserve and further the development of the common bond existing between all persons who have honorably served or are serving with the Joint Communications Unit (“JCU”) of the United States Armed Forces, to encourage patriotism, to honor the memory of deceased JCU members and other veterans, and to provide aid and assistance to those members, veterans, and their dependents, in need.


For more information about SOCA log onto their website at

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